Frequently Asked Questions

How soon do I need to book?
We can accept your order any time up to three days after your event date. This ensures that your flowers will remain in good condition. We recommend submitting your order in advance of your event date so that you can plan your arrangement to drop off/ship your bouquet.
Because we can only accept a limited number of projects per date, we must give the time and care it takes to preserve your beautiful blooms. We often book up months in advance and highly recommend booking well in advance to ensure we have space to take in your flowers. Please consider booking to preserve your bridal bouquet at the same time you book your other wedding vendors.
How long does the process take?

Currently, 12-16 weeks from the time when we receive your blooms, which is subject to change due to supply delays, the number of orders and the busy wedding season, as our process is delicate and we will not sacrifice time for quality. In the process, the focus is to remove all moisture. It takes time and attention. We want your product to be perfect, as well as the flowers to be fully preserved. Our design process is lengthy and specific to each bride. In total, your flowers will be in our hands for approximately 12-16 weeks. We promise it is well worth the wait!

How soon do you need the flowers?

The sooner the better. We recommend within 3 days of your event, the blooms are normally in workable condition within a few days. Before them being delivered to us, be sure to keep them in the fridge and/or in water with fresh-cut stems! Some indications that your bouquet is not workable: The flowers crumble to touch, or the bases are beginning to mould.

Are there any flowers that cannot be pressed?

While I wish I could say I can press anything, some cannot be pressed evenly or beautifully, specifically mums. Berries tend to brown and of course, artificial flowers cannot be pressed. 

I have a dried bouquet from many years ago. Can you do anything with it?
As we are still in the beginning stages, we hope to offer shadow box options in the future. When that time comes, we absolutely can put your dried flowers into a shadow box. We are often asked if we can press already dried flowers and unfortunately, we cannot. Because of how fragile dried flowers are, they would crack or shatter in the presses. It's much better to put these flowers in a shadow box to keep them safe and continue enjoying their beauty.
Will the colours fade after the bouquet is framed?
Flowers will continue to fade for their entire lifetime, they are a product of nature after all. Whites will turn yellow or beige, pinks darken and reds become a deep wine colour. Once flowers have dried they become duller and gain a lovely vintage feel! This is why your piece of art is so dynamic- it's always evolving and changing just like you. The more your frame is exposed to sunlight, the greater chance and speed of fading. When you receive your frame, you should expect them to fade more than what you see initially. Precious Preservations uses high-quality acrylic glass that has added UV anti-glare properties that protect both natural and artificial light from fading. Pro tip: Some ways to slow this process is to ensure your piece of art is kept away from damp areas and out of direct sunlight.
Will all my flowers be pressed?
Not all will likely be pressed, and not all that is pressed will be used. This is dependent on the quality and quantity of the flowers. It is determined which flowers are in the best condition before pressing and framing to ensure the best final product. This allows us to produce a product that we are proud of for our clients.
I'm not from St. John's - how can I get my bouquet preserved?

Precious Preservations is accepting orders province-wide! It is your own responsibility and arrangement to ship or deliver your bouquet to us directly. At your own cost, pricing varies based on express shipping, the weight of your flowers and where you are located. If we receive your flowers in unworkable condition, you will be notified as your order will be cancelled and refunded 100%. Should you require your finalized product shipped and returned to you, there are shipping options at checkout. All shipping instructions would be provided to you after check-out once your order is finalized. 

How are flowers pressed and preserved?

It has taken a lot of time to learn how to press flowers, specifically those used within the wedding industry in our province. Through floral preservation courses and networking North-America-wide, I feel I have been educated by professionals to perfect all that they have learned through their years of experience, and my trial and error thus far. If you are trying to press flowers yourself, start by educating yourself on the various methods and if anything, practice before you do your bouquet, believe me! When it comes to preserving sentimental floral arrangements, such as your wedding bouquet, hire a professional preservation expert to ensure the best quality possible. You have one shot at preserving these beautiful pieces - ensuring your blooms are in the best hands. I love doing what I do!

How does payment work?
Payment in full is required to fulfill your order. We want floral preservation to be available to all because of how priceless this custom piece of art is. We are confident you will not regret adding this to your event needs. 
Flower preservation services are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Precious Preservations will reserve a spot and flower drop-off date once the contract is signed and payment is received. 
Can you incorporate ribbons, pendants or other sentimental items?

Currently, we are not offering this so please do not send any ribbons, pendants, handkerchiefs, or other sentimental items with your floral arrangements. They will not be used in the final product and will be discarded upon arrival.

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