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NOTE: The recipient of this gift card must pick a drop-off date, so we recommend sending this gift card to them prior to their wedding date to allow them to book the service with enough notice. If you wish to have a physical gift certificate, please email us at

Instructions for Local Drop-Off or Shipping Bouquets to us

To help the longevity of the bouquet, we recommend putting your bouquet in the fridge and avoid direct sunlight.

For local drop-off, keep in mind the date and times you selected at check-out. Upon your arrival, there will be drop-off boxes located outside of my front door labelled with your order number and last name. These boxes will also have a vase with water so there is no preparation required. This entrance is monitored and is recommended to be used as I do work remotely.

For shipping your bouquet, keep in mind the urgency to ship as soon as possible post your event date as there are so many unknowns and potential travel delays within our province.

  • To ensure you are prepared to ship your bouquet, find a box that will allow you to stand your bouquet in.
  • Use newspaper, recycling paper or anything that can support the bouquet and the empty space within the box
  • Do not use bubblewrap or plastic around your bouquet.
  • The day the bouquet is shipped, cut the stems and wrap only the bottom of the bouquet with a wet paper towel in a ziplock bag.
  • Any pendants, pins or ribbons will be discarded when received, ensure that these are removed prior to shipping if you wish to keep them and attach all order information to your bouquet prior to shipping (order number, first and last name on order).
  • Label your box “Fragile” and send it our way!

As we offer return shipping of your finalized frame, we recommend using Canada Post to ship your bouquet. To avoid the risk of your flowers arriving in unworkable condition, ensure you have selected the best option for them to arrive to us within our recommended timeline.

Our address for local-drop off or shipping of your bouquet is:

Precious Preservations
10 Munich Place,
St. John’s NL,
A1G 0C8

Once we receive your bouquet, monitor for status updates by logging into your account. You will be contacted at the designing phase via email.

NOTE: depending on how busy and demanding we are, our current turnaround is expected to be 8-12 weeks. Expect our timeline to extend should we face any delays.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, send us an email at

Thank you for supporting our business!

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