Terms & Conditions Agreement

  • You’re fully covered with our 100% refund policy before your bouquet is dropped off to us. Once we’ve started working on your bouquet, any refunds will be adjusted to reflect the work already done.
  • I understand that by purchasing a floral preservation piece, I give the artist creative liberty to design the bouquet frame how the artist believes will look best based on the frame design of your choice.
  • I understand that once the frame is sealed shut there are no changes that can be made, including frame color.
  • I understand that I am in charge of the shipping or drop off of my bouquet to Precious Preservations within the required timeline.
  • I understand that if the delivery services loses the package, Precious Preservations is not responsible for the replacement of the bouquet, the cost of the bouquet or the cost of delivery.
  • I understand that if my florals arrive unworkable, Precious Preservations would cancel and only refund up to the total value of your order with Precious Preservations. Precious Preservations is not responsible for the cost of shipping or the total cost of your fresh flowers.
  • I understand that my bouquet will be worked with-in the condition that it is received.
  • I understand that based on certain circumstances, not all of my flowers in my bouquet will be used due to thickness, flower condition, or lack of space in the frame.
  • I understand that during the pressing process, flowers do fade and will change color/shade and appearance. This is the beauty of nature!
  • I understand that no ribbons/pendants will be used in the final piece and if they are shipped with the flowers they will be discarded.
  • I understand that if your shipping address changes prior to the finalized frame being shipped, it is your responsibility to contact Precious Preservations with notice of change.
  • I understand that because of the delicate processes included in the preservation of flowers and the demand within Newfoundland’s short wedding season, there may be delays that can cause the finish time to be later than 12 weeks.
  • I understand that should you choose to ship your bouquet, there may be risk that the bouquet will be left on the doorstep or not available to be accepted at the time of drop off. Although this is very unlikely as the door is monitored and other options/solutions are available to prevent this, there may be an off-chance and therefore, we wish to bring it to your attention
  • I understand that I am responsible for the labeling of my bouquet and contents in my shipment box prior to shipping, if this is ignored I understand that contents may be discarded that are not labeled as there is no way to identify that it is yours or linked to an order.
  • I understand that the designer may design the bouquet in the frame size selected but may recommend upsizing or downsizing should they think it is best suited for your floral arrangement. You will be contacted by Precious Preservations via email during the designing phase and would receive recommendation at this phase. Should you want to proceed with the recommended option, you will either be refunded or requested to additionally deposit to match the cost of the appropriate frame size difference. Precious Preservations must receive an email of approval and the remaining cost to proceed
  • I understand that if my frame is damaged due to the carrier shipment, Precious Preservations may send a return label to send back to repair the piece. If the frame is damaged due to mishandling or other circumstances post receiving the order, Precious Preservations offers frame repair options that varies in cost depending on the size of the frame
  • I understand and respect that this process cannot be pressured or changed on a timely basis. It takes a lot of time and detail to press flowers properly, to reconstruct, to design and contact, to finalize and ship/pick up the final product. I understand that I will be contacted at the time of the design process via email and I understand that the process time relies upon my response.
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